Looking back on 2012

2012 ended in such a blazing fury of sales (thank you so much!) i have just started to become calm again and reflect on the past year.

I had a marvellous year! It started in Marrakech, of all places! I had such a blast in Morocco, its had a great inspiring effect on me. I will be back, that is for sure.

Then later in the year I traveled not once, not twice but 3 times to New York. That city is so amazing! I visited the couture stores, of course, and took a stroll on The High Line, and I also discovered indy designers that i fell in love and made great bonds with. The Brooklyn Flea is just heaven on Earth!

I also launched my Spring // Summer collection, as well as my Fall // Winter collection, and I even added a small capsule collection to the lot as well. I am very proud of those collections.

I chose the lovely Katia as our model because she is gorgeous and shinny and awesome and we had a blast taking the pictures! My only regret is not thinking to film her in action because she is such an actress it was amazing to see her face transform!

2012 was also chock full of events : two pop-ups, The Toronto Green Living Show, The Quebec MANIF d’art, a few other events here and there, and about a half a dozen craft fairs!

It was also a very big blog year for me. I tried – and succeeded for over 8 months - to blog at least once a day! I tried my best to write interesting articles on fashion, especially slow and green fashion.

I thought I had a lot of things to say, and it would be a sinch! It turns out it was quite a challenge! That’s why I don’t blog as often as I did in early 2012.

I think it helped me learn that quality is better than quantity. That is how I see fashion, so why not extend it to my blog?