a thrifted life with eyeliah

Here is "a thrifted life"; it is an ode to thrifting, yes, but also to buying less, to living a slow life, to dumpster diving, mending, fixing, reusing and finding new uses to old stuff over and over again!

Have a great item you found / a fabulous thrift shop you almost live out of, and you want to share?
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I’m Gonna Give You a Try by eyeliah.

A story about a thrifted item would have to be my vintage boots. I found them at True Value Vintage in Vancouver, they were mislabeled in size as a Mens 9 (not a Womens 9). So of course the women would not look at it and the men it would not fit. When I slid my foot in it was the perfect match and really a steal for $60. I wear them all the time.

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