indie find of the moment : TalkingSquid

Shop name: TalkingSquid
Shop address:
In a nutshell:
"I believe recycled products don't have to look "recycled." Detail, functionality, and usefulness are important. Creating fresh, urban & modern designs from 100% recycled t-shirts is my main focus."

Tell us a little about yourself ...
I'm a 26 year old designer, loving life and loving my job.

CLEARANCE Recycled T-Shirt Rug in Black

What are your favourite materials?

What inspired you to do this?
I made a few items just to experiment, and once I figured out I could sell them...I was off to the races. Working with t-shirts has really been a riot.

Do you remember the first thing you made? What was it?
The first thing I ever made? Well, I made a t-shirt rug years ago and I wove the entire thing by hand! I quickly learned that I had to change my method if I wanted to keep up with sales.

Recycled T-Shirt Rug in Dark Lilac Grey

What's new and exciting in your store?
I plan on launching a secondary business next spring, that houses my recycled t-shirt rugs and pillows, and home decor...with a new direction and lots of new designs! TalkingSquid will remain the same- t-shirt accessories and jewelry.

What is your favourite item? And why?
Right now, my recycled t-shirt/sweatshirt convertible neck warmer. It's fun, you can wear it 4 ways, and it's affordable. (Check the "neck" section in the shop)

Why should people buy handmade?
Well, big box retail doesn't care about you like I do. Handmade artisans put extra love, time, hard work, and sweat and tears into what they do!

T-Shirt Chain and Knot Necklace in Grey

What is the importance of being eco conscious for you and your store?
It's important for me to remain eco conscious because it allows me to reduce and reuse material, and helps me to keep my prices low. If I had to buy new t-shirt material to create my items it would cost an arm and a leg, and I would have to hike up prices. Nobody wants that.

CLEARANCE T-Shirt Fringe Necklace in Green