indie find of the moment : On The Inside

Shop name: On The Inside

Shop address:
Physically I am located in the Phil Mechanic Building in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC USA

Tell me a little about yourself ...
I'm 34, a mom to 2 sweet little girls, have a loving boyfriend named Michael, and I just bought my very first home.

What are your favourite materials?
I'm really enjoying working with organic cotton these days...I find it to be very sturdy, durable and extremely soft. And, obviously, it is a good thing to support the organic movement. But generally, I will work with any fabric that simply feels good!

What inspired you to do this?
My good friend, Myah Hubbell, and I came up with the idea a few years ago, then after about a year, I took it over and have been running full force ever since. I really enjoy all that comes with making comfortable lingerie. There are the women that are just so thrilled to finally something that fits and feels good, and then there are the men that are buying something sexy for their women, and that's really fun to help them along in that process. It makes me smile to think that I'm helping keep some romance alive out there for some people ;)

Do you remember the first thing you made? What was it?
It was a pair of panties, and in fact, I still have them and wear them quite often...they are one of my favorite pairs.

What's new and exciting in your store?
I have just recently started offering an option that people can add to any bra that is a very thin padded cup. I sew in an organic cotton liner to the bra and the pad is removable, so you can have the cup in when you want it and take it out when you don't. It gives you a little extra lift when you're in the mood...I think that's pretty fun. I have also just started offering an option to add on detachable garters to any of my panties, so you can have them on when you want and just unhook them when you don't.

What is your favourite item? And why?
My favorite item is my organic black cotton Lily of the Valley panties. They are made with the softest organic fabric, and I just absolutely love the cut of them...a little bit boyshort, but still really sexy and so incredibly comfortable. This is definitely my favorite style of panties that I do.

Why should people buy handmade?
I think it's great to support artists in what they do. And you really often get a much better quality product when you buy handmade. As far as buying my handmade products, you also get the added bonus of something being made just for you. My customers send me their measurements and I make every piece of lingerie specifically for that person, so you get a custom, personalized fit with each of my pieces.

What is the importance of being eco conscious for you and your store?
I try to be eco conscious in everything that I do from where I shop to the food I eat and I am working to bring more and more eco friendly fabrics into my store, and finally offer women the option to have sexy, yet comfortable, organic lingerie.