I've been sharpening pencils like a mad woman!
But it's for a good cause : here is our latest batch of recycled pencils earrings!

We've found all sorts of different pencils: your typical yellow student pencils, aquarelle artsy pencils (dip them in water and they become watercolour!), drawing pencils of all sorts of shapes and sizes, and colouring pencils that you can ERASE! I would of loved those as a kid! Imagine being able to erase all the colour you drew outside the lines :o)

When they get too short to be sharpened or too short to be cut, i use them to doodle and take notes, you know, what they where meant to do ;o)... until i find another way to use them !

I was wondering if i can compost the shavings... and if i do, will my garden be even more colourful next summer?