indie find of the moment : konane

Shop name: Konane

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In a nutshell:
Konane is my middle name meaning "bright as moonlight" in Hawaiian, my mother is Hawaiian. There are many other beautiful names and concepts to call oneself, but I thought I'd stick with the one given to me by my mother. pronounced: Co-Non-E

Tell me a little about yourself ...
I love to play and I love color above all. I am interested in sound currents, gongs, healing, mantras and the power of Kundalini yoga as a human technology. I love to dance!

What are your favourite materials?
Materials that are made while the creator does not know or does not think they know what the materials end use will be. Materials with a kind of everyday mystery where you make things and don't know what they are for until you do and realize you knew all along and are constantly knowing. Energy, people, movement, light, sound, neon, bulky yarns, antique and vintage textiles, sunshine.

What inspired you to do this?
Needing to be me, getting real deep into knowing me and not allowing myself to feel any personal history or boundaries, to be fearless, a pioneer, an explorer, a teacher/master.

Do you remember the first thing you made? What was it?
Physically, it was a painting when I was 4 or 5 in arizona in a pre-k, I made paintings and a sculture of my tiny hand. I think the first thing I ever truly made was happiness.

What's new and exciting in your store?
PLAYSUITS, anything with RELECTIVE, and GOOD HORSE my custom blend of essential oils for hair and body.

What is your favourite item? And why?
I have been wearing Good Horse for 4 years now and cant get enough. Otherwise, both hand crochet circle coat and psychedelic poncho. People really love the bustle though.

Why should people buy handmade?
Anything you buy from a store has so much unseen excess baggage that you are supporting with your purchase. Be conscious of your Carbon foot print and who you are supporting. BUY LOCAL. BUY HANDMADE.

Anything else?
I will be moving into the organic realm ASAP. There is no other way to live.