the jewelry smithing class is now in session

we had our first jewelry smithing class yesterday!
4 hours of pure fun!
lets just start by saying that one of the two sisters is more patient than the other with a saw hahaha
we got acquainted with a ton of cool tools (I had serious tool envy and now want one of each at my place) Then we practiced sawing techniques on a thin brass plate... we had to do straight lines, zigzags and curves
i'm a pro at lines
i broke 4 saw blades hahaha
we got to play with a saw, files, sandpaper, a rotary tool that can, amongst other things, cut through brass, calipers, and all sorts of tools i cant remember the name (in French) so i don't know the name (in English)
next week and the two following we will be doing RINGS!!!
i decided my ring would be a large band, and my sister will be doing a thin band, so we can compare notes afterwards
as soon as its done, i'll post pictures!