entrance room . boudoir curios

Here is a little more details about my favorite part of the boudoir i just redecorated.

From the top:

vintage cream and gold vacant frame, vintage Kodak and Polaroid cameras, vintage 8mm camera, vintage ice bucket featuring Canadian vodka companies, a gift from my dad, and vintage felt sombrero, vintage and yes, very tacky wall mounted candle holders.

All the books on the first shelf are all antiques, almost all medical books with weird drawings inside... all salvaged by me from libraries i worked in

Antique crystal alcohol flask, gift from my mom, ocarina my dad brought me from Portugal, Egyptian scarab my sister brought me from Egypt, Moroccan Silver plate a friend gave me after a trip there, and Egyptian hand of Fatima, another souvenir from my sister, lovely hand painted rock, gift from my sister as well, handmade by her :)

anything that's not a gift was thrifted by me!