WARNING: this is just a teaser!

People often ask me: How do you get inspired? Where do you get ideas?

I'm fascinated by that subject. How does a brain go from seeing something inspiring, to actually making the object/painting/recipe come alive? What makes some images, some smells, some moments inspiring? Better yet, how do you have a random brilliant thought, just like that, while taking a shower or out for a walk?

I find my inspiration  mostly by people gazing - everyone is beautiful and everybody's personal sense of style is amazing - and also by looking at traditional jewellery, pieces i could never make because I am not a jewelsmith but inspire me an idea with alternate materials.... Sometimes my original inspiration and the final product are SO FAR APART I myself even have a hard time associating the two :o)

Sometimes scraps of materials that fall on my workbench inspire me...
So I decided I would give you guys a glimpse inside my brains ;)
Go visit my new Pinterest board Summer 2015inspiration

These images, and so many others too, inspired me for my 2015 summer collection. I'll be updating it as we get closer to the official launch date. I can't wait to show my new ideas off! Stay tuned loveys!